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How many pizzas should I order?


How many pizzas?  

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  1. 1. How many pizzas for 7 boys and 2 adults?

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    • Pizza!? What time's the party, I'm coming over!

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I think you could get away with 4, but I voted 5. I would rather have too much than not enough, and besides, cold pizza the next day is yummy!


:iagree: 4 would probably cover it but I'd rather have leftovers than run short. Plus, you can increase the variety of choices with 5.

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Let's see . . . 4 slices for the 11yo, 3 each for the rest of the boys (possibly only 2 for the 6yo), 2 each for the adults = 26 slices. So minimum 4 pizzas. Yeah, I tend to overestimate. But boys and pizza . . . in my personal experience you can't have too much pizza.


Partly depends on how long they'll be together. Will you want extra in case they want to snack on leftovers? Then you should get 5. I'll vote 5.

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I would go with 5 pizzas. That will give you more variety in flavors. I would get two plain cheese and two pepperoni and then a good flavor for the last one, like meat lover's or veggie lover's or supreme.


If you happen to know that a couple of the kids are more adventurous than plain cheese and pepperoni, then I'd do two specialty pizzas and do just one of either the cheese or the pepperoni.


I'd rather have more than I needed than run out. Cold pizza the next day is wonderful.

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