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Northern Tier - BSA adventure


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Has anyone sent their son to NT or been to NT? I have an opportunity to go with my DS on a winter camping trip to NT over the Christmas Break. I have looked over the itinerary and it looks like a lot of fun.


I have wanted to go to the Boundary Waters for the last 7 years or so but never imagined that I would go in Decemeber-Jan. I was thinking more like July or August. :)


We have the necessary gear and purchases would be minimal. Whatever we don't have will be provided by NT.


WIth all of the stress I have been under the past two years, I could use an adventure. My excitement almost surpasses my son's.


The timing for the trip works out well with our Christmas break. DS will miss a couple of local scouting activities but that is fine with us considering the adventure and experience he will gain at NT.


I haven't been this excited about anything in a long time.

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DS and I are almost ready!!! We did a mock shakedown today and took inventory of what is missing. We still need to find a couple of things each but all in all we are in good shape.


I have printed our copies of the itinerary, tour permit, training certs, maps, permission forms, etc. As soon as I include secondary copies of our physicals my binder will be ready.


DH has had the car in for maintenance and it is ready for the road.


Ladies - I purchased a jug and female adapter for using the bathroom. DH also bought this for me : Go girl http://www.austinkay...ion-Device.html


I am doing research on building a qwinzee and leave no trace methods for doing #2 (Yes, that's right, good old #2) in the woods in the winter. Kinda concerned about how tricky this is going to be. ;)


8 days and counting.....

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