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Adding more mapwork/geography to SOTW for logic stage?

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Dd loves to do the mapwork in SOTW, but always complains that there is not enough. Next year she will be in 5th and I plan to go back to do SOTW 1 with her. I would love to add more mapwork or geography to our lessons for dd (ds will do the maps in the AG as a 1st grader). I do not have the time to come up with mapwork for every lesson. Is there something out there that someone else has worked up that goes along with it? Thanks!

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I'm sure there is, but one way I found to make the mapwork a little more involved is to have dd draw a key for each map. She also colored in more of the map (colored pencils), but that may feel like busy work to some.

I know TOG has a neat overlay map system--you could see if anyone has posted about that. It uses transparencies.

I do like putting an acetate outline map with current borders/countries over some of the SOTW maps, but I don't have anything I can share. I just think it's nice when the kids know what part of the "current" world they are learning about via Ancients.

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