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I have an interview on Monday. Prayer Requests


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This is an interview for a job...it's a paying job I can work from home, but I'll equate it to working at Wal Mart full time in how I feei about the job. Please pray that the interview will go well, and that I will at least have the option to take the job! It doesn't have to pay a lot, just enough, IYKWIM.


I also have my resume in for an excellent position, but I haven't heard anything on (and honestly, probably won't for at least another week, and then, if I don't hear anything in the next two weeks, won't hear anything until after the New Year). Please pray for patience and peace with regard to this job.


Lastly, I have a 2012 consulting contract on which I am owed a significant amount of money. My first check was supposed to be in my hands back in May...please pray that they will be able to deliver the minimum we requested next week (less than 10% of what I'm owed).


Thank you.

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Well, my interview is over. The company is apparently interviewing numerous people...I should hear something back this week. Most of the people I was interviewing with were work-at-home moms like me... I'm actually a little relieved I didn't have to make a decision right away...gives time for the other organization to process my resume' and get back to me (or not). The interview went well...I think the biggest problem is coming across as "over-qualified" for the job. Thank you for praying, and continuing in that effort.

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