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CC- need a rec for a parenting book from a guy's perspective [m]

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1. This is for a guy who is NOT a big reader. He read "Raising a Modern Day Knight" and liked it. Something Short, Blunt, and To the Point. Under two hundred pages would be great.


2. Something that focusses on Servant Leadership in the parenting role is key. Got the authoritarian and discipline part down!


3. This book is for a GUY --a very John Wayne type of Guy-- so something from a guy's POV would be best i think :-)


anyway, I'm looking for a few titles that will work best. If your dh's can recommend anything that fits this criteria, lemme know!


oh-- something that applies to sons and daughters would be great.

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Hmm, not sure about the servant leadership. I'm trying to remember books by men I've read. How to Really Love Your Child is an older one, but fabulous. I don't remember the number of pages or the writing style. It's not namby pamby, though, as I don't care for that style of writing. Dh doesn't read parenting books, but has listened to some seminars on parenting with me years ago. (he has read a couple of books on marriage, though.)

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John Eldredge wrote a book called "You Have What it Takes". It is 52 pages long so it is a quick read. It addresses the unique feelings of boys and girls. The general message is that boys need to hear "You have what it takes" from their fathers. Girls on the other hand need to hear "You are lovely and worth fighting for".

Maybe it would fit maybe not. It was reccommended by my Pastor.


Oh! By the way.....I lurk here alot and Thanks for all the great advice and laughs you ladies share. I truely would not be homeschooling today if it were not for you.


Hope this helps!

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thanks Karin --I'll check it out : "non namby pamby" is probably a better description of what I'm looking for, lol. If your dh remembers any good parenting stuff that really resonated w/ him, let me know :-)


Once -- that one is definitely short enough to at least check out! and I'm glad y'all are enjoying the boards --I post a lot but STILL learn so much everyday!! thanks for sharing :)

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