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Melissa in Australia

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My neighbour was trying to cut his very long grass with a borrowed ride on mower (rural property that he only slashes once a year). DH went over with the tractor and gave him a hand. the neighbor hopped off the borrowed ride on to talk to DH.Apparently the person who owns the mower retrofitted a different motor to it, and in the process disabled all the safety features. It has a pull start motor and you need to stand right beside the mower to start it. After the neighbour finished talking to DH he started the mower back up, not noticing that he had his foot under the blade. He cut up his foot pretty badly. Fortunately the Dr. was able to sew it all back together and he will not lose any toes. DH said to me that if he hadn't gone over and helped the neighbour then the neighbour might not have cut up his foot.

Accidents happen so quickly!



(I realise that it should be spelt Ouch, it won't let me edit the heading)

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