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Math mammoth - does it have games/fun activities like Singapore?


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Let me preface with: I LOVE SINGAPORE.


Love it. It's the one thing that we are consistently completing on schedule this school year.


That said...... (uh-oh ;))

I'm tired of juggling the books. At this level (we're almost ready to start 1B) we rarely use the Textbook (just the HIG and workbook), though I fear we may need it as concepts become more difficult. But I love how the HIG has "Enhancement" sections and games for concepts; my DD really digs those games! (We play the SM games WAY more than our RightStart Math games!)


But I'm considering MM for next year (or instead of moving on to 1B). I'm being drawn to the simplicity of a single text...

Talk me down, please!

(Or not... :D)

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I haven't used Singapore - I strongly considered it, but picked MM because I didn't want to juggle books, and buying the downloads through the HBC special was ridiculously inexpensive, comparatively! I love it.


In the worktext itself, there are "puzzle corners" which have interesting twisted questions related to the topic of the lesson. Before each chapter there is a *long* section of resources, mostly games, etc. on the internet related to the chapter's content, too.


Is that kinda like what you are looking for?

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While it does have those internet game suggestions and the puzzle corners and some very occasional suggestions for games, eh... We use it alongside Right Start's card games. I don't think of it as a "fun" curriculum, honestly. But I think it's a very solid one and that the way things are laid out are perfect for many kids and that supplementing fun math is so easy.

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Not as fun as Singapore. The presentation is a bit bland as well, which is one reason we switched. Also, MM is more incremental, which your child may or may not need. Plus there are a gazillion problems, which you can pick and choose from.


I was afraid to use Singapore because of all those books, but now it's not a big deal. I hold the HIG. DS uses the textbookwhile I teach, then he pulls out the workbook to work independently (oldest... Middle child has me with him). We do a separate session of CWP for oldest. I'm not currently using IP. DS2 Is only doing textbook/workbook right now, and we'll add CWP2 next year.


MM is an excellent program, and I liked using it to accelerate to where my son really was (we did grades 1-4), but the Singapore presentation is so much more young kid friendly, and my son enjoys it more. Oh, and we used IP and CWP with MM,, so we were still juggling books. ;)

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