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Living Near Fort Smith, Arkansas

East Coast Sue

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Well, heat you are used to. The chiggers might come as a surprise for their ferocity. Ticks are pretty bad too. I think the winters are probably going to be milder, but Ft Smith gets a good bit of snow for Arkansas.


I live in Russellville, so I couldn't say about the best places to live in Ft. Smith. But I can say that the town itself is really easy to get around in. Housing market might be more steep because of the shale. We've got something of an energy boom going on--not as intense as some areas. Depends on where you are.


Homeschooling in the state is not that bad. In general I've found my local school district here pretty easy to deal with. I'm not much into socializing with other homeschoolers myself, so I can't speak to groups.


Our libary here is not the greatest. I end up getting quite a few of the books I need from Little Rock through their Gateway program. The State Parks are good for recreation. If you have time, you ought to go check out Devil's Den State Park. Very pretty.

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