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Wii-U: Any game recommendations?


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I hadn't really planned on getting ds12 a Wii-U this year, because I didn't think there was any chance that we'd be able to get one, but a friend waited in line and snagged one of the Deluxe versions for me when she was getting one for her own kids, so I ended up buying it from her. Now I need to find games.


I'm pretty sure ds will like the new Mario game, and the Tekken game is a possibility (although I already bought the XBox 360 version for half the price and would need to return it to get the Wii-U one, which apparently includes all of the available DLC, so maybe it's worth the extra money.) I'm also thinking of the new Scribblenauts game, which I should have bought when it was on sale, but I forgot about it until this morning. :glare:


I'm really hoping these games will go on a halfway decent sale between now and Christmas because every game that sounds good seems to cost $59.99 each, and I hate to buy pricey games without at least reading a few reviews first!


If anyone already has the Wii-U, I would love to hear what games your kids did and didn't like. We don't do Rated M games here, but most of the Rated T games are OK unless there's s*xual content, which is a complete dealbreaker for me.


Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated, even if you've just heard that a certain game is good but you haven't played it yourself. Also, any input on what you think of the Wii-U Deluxe (black) system would be great, too, because if this thing isn't that great, I can still return it to the store.


THANKS!!!!! :)

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