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The check book took a beating...the church, the caterer, the china rental deposit, stationery, *****


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Great wedding bombs, Batman!!!!! Even small weddings aren't cheap.


Oh yeah...the groom's family really wants a sit-down meal and not a dessert/h'ordeurve reception (our orignal plan). They'll be getting a bill. It's double the price per head. I was willing to go a little bit more expensive for the sake of family unity, but this is more than "a bit".


Thankfully, a deposit on the tuxes was not required. Whew!


DD is trying to catch a few hours sleep before she gives piano lessons and I was pleasantly surprised to find the boys had accomplished a LOT of schoolwork in my absence (don't know what aliens took off with my real sons and left droids in their place, but I'm keeping the droids) so I've decided to spend the afternoon making fabric flowers and contemplating the fact that I'm suddenly THRILLED that we only have one girl.


Dear future in laws of my dear sons, I really don't care what you serve, when, where, or how, or if there are weddings...I'd be happy to meet you at the courthouse steps and share a pizza afterward. No expectations. Just tell me when and where to show up and the dress code.


To be honest, I'm most annoyed with DH. Frankly, I think that if we had said, "I'm sorry. We will not be serving a big meal with china and the trimmings," and then just left it at that, they would have accepted it without issue. Dh is the one that caved and gushed, "Of course if you prefer a formal meal, we will provide one." He, being the typical wedding ignorant male, had no idea what this was going to cost him.


I'll get over it, I truly will. I just need to go burn my fingers over open candle flame to make "vintage" lace ranunculus flowers which will instantly take my mind off of it!!!!


Oh, but this is really, really funny...I called him at the office (he had to drive into the city today) to drop the bombshell and he decided to "lighten my mood" with lines from Steve Martin in "Father of the Bride".


Mattie - "Can I invite Cameron if he promises not to eat?"


George - "Hey. That's a great idea! Who else can we ask not to eat? Your mother."


(Ya, he thinks he's reeeeeeeeeal funny. :bored: )



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We eloped. I highly recommend it to everyone everywhere. We put all the money we saved towards buying a farm. My marriage is still as legal and valid as anyone else's, and we're still in love and pretty darn happy.



And this is why you are one of the supremely wise queens of the hive! :thumbup1:


We would have been just fine with an elopement or limited destination wedding that wouldn't cost us and arm and a leg to travel to; however, I suspect that his family might have fricassed his hiney for not having a traditional wedding.


Six months...my checkbook and life will go back to normal in six months!



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We did ours dirt cheap. I'm so glad :)


My aunt did say that she's not sure which is more expensive...feeding a boy through teenhood, or paying for a wedding. She's done the teen boys 4 times now, but her only daughter is only 15, so we'll see what she says in another 5 or 10 yrs or so, LOL!

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My parents gave me a $$ amount for the wedding. My husband and I could do anything we want. If it went over, it was on us to provide. If under, we could pocket the extra.

We skated in on budget :)



I love this idea- my parents did this with our college. I think it's great to be able to let grown children make their own decisions while still providing them support by saying "here's what we can offer, you can choose any wedding/college you want, but if it goes over this amount, you will need to figure out how to pay for it."


My DH and I eloped too. It was wonderful!

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