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I could use your advice....particularly if you have experience with FLL, MCT and/or Classical Conversations Essentials.


DS7 is finishing up FLL2. FLL1 and 2 have been easy for him, but I haven't accelerated him. We've just been enjoying the simplicity (plus, he's young!) The lightbulb seems to have gone on, however, because he completely gets the content. He can easily recognize the eight parts of speech, has all of the lists memorized, etc. I introduced some diagramming - even though FLL2 doesn't require it - and he thinks that it is super fun.


Here's my question: I recently looked through a friend's copy of FLL3 and realized that the little new content it contains could be taught to my DS in about a week or two.


So....should we jump straight to FLL4? I haven't looked at it beyond the samples. I've also read a bit about MCT, but I don't know a lot about the program. FYI - In two years, we plan to enroll him in Classical Conversations Essentials program.



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I agree with WendyK - I've used them both, they are *completely* different, hard to compare. If your son gets it and is retaining it at this point, doing 2 more years of FLL will feel like Chinese water torture.


IMO MCT is not for every kid, but it is great for kids who love language, revel in it, and understand it easily, and want to go deeper. If that sounds like your son, go for it!

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Well, we use both. MCT for the big picture and FLL for some of the details (reviewing predicate nominative, adjective, that sort of thing.) We definitely do not do all of FLL, but I like some of the exercises to practice diagramming since there is no diagramming in MCT.


This is a good point. We don't use MCT alone; we always supplement.

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