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Not sure where to put this - special needs and eval/test

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Ds9 needs an eval or a test to meet state reqs each year. He completed 3rd grade last spring and is currently in 4th grade. With all of my older dc, every November, (Thanksgiving week) we would do the ITBS to meet the state req. I didn't do it yet this year and only have 2 who need it - ds9 and dd12. (My oldest is done with school and dd16 is at college, so... ;) ) Anyway, I think an eval by a state certified teacher would be preferable to a "test" for ds9 but I have NO idea how to go about such a thing. I know several teachers quite well and would ask one of them, but I know they would want to know what it is exactly I need for them to do and I actually have no idea. Plus I have no idea how the payment for such a thing works.


Ds9 is ADHD and an Aspie. (Although often he seems more "autism like" than "Aspie like," if that makes sense.) He has severe dysgraphia so his writing is horrific and his ability to "bubble in" test is non-existent.


He reads quite well and seems to grasp his math concepts just fine, but evaluating him and/or testing him with his limitations while showing his capabilities seems a daunting task. I am up for it, but I could really use some guidance, advice, opinions, BTDT experiences, etc.


Thank you. :) (Please feel free to offer an opinion on testing vs evaluating, if you think one is better than the other. If I go the testing route, I will have to make accommodations for him, whether the state likes it or not - longer test time, someone to fill in the bubbles for him, etc.)

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I dont know what state you are in, but I'm in VA. The state organization i'm a member of had a list of evaluators but I dont know if they still do, but the local and state homeschooling groups (their yahoo groups or websites) usually can help find that sort of thing. I have never used an evaluator but my impression is that you should prepare a portfolio of work, a few examples from various times over the year in each subject, that sort of thing, to show what you've done. but i'd looking for a state organization to help

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You might also post this on the new Learning Challenges board.


I agree with the PP about contacting a state or other local organization if there is one. (For example, our school district has a homeschool coordinator, so I'd just call and ask about finding evaluators).

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