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R&S writing lessons

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This is what we have always done. My oldest is only 5th grade though, so I don't know what ages you are asking about. But typically she does all R&S assignments. She does at least one history summary per week. She writes summaries/narrations for literature. She has dictation once a week. She has a pen pal that she has written to for years. She memorizes poetry and has occasionally over the years been assigned to write one based on the type we were learning about. Those assignments usually came from SOTW and occasionally from the BCP online plans.


In the past she also had science summaries to write, but this year she is doing a more traditional science program (text and written questions) and just reading and orally narrating to me from science biographies that I assign on the side.

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My oldest is in 5th grade and she does all of the R&S writing lessons plus she outlines twice a week from her history book (Famous Men of Rome). Writing is her weakest area, so she does Jump In as well every day (she just finished Wordsmith Apprentice). She does narrations from her science once a week.

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