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Stanford Binet tips?


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TestingforKindergarten.com + TestingMom.com have some tips. I wish they would publish the Testing for Kindergarten book under a different title, like "Cool Cognitive Exercises for Your Kids" or something. :) It's actually very thoughtfully written and the "work" is almost entirely play-based, but maybe that's not what sells? Good luck.

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Generally speaking, when taking an IQ test it's a good idea to just keep giving answers even when you aren't sure anymore. So if you can encourage your child to make guesses, that's great. The more talking the better. The tester will still stop the test when a certain number of questions are incorrect, but they get a lot more data to work with if you can keep talking, especially because a lot of people will still make correct "guesses" until they truly reach the point when they are out of their league.


(I picked this up from friends while they were taking the "Tests and Assessments" class while getting their PhDs in psychology).


Good luck!

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