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Good news - doctor said 17yo is not prediabetic

AngieW in Texas

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I posted recently about the fasting blood test my 17yo took where her blood glucose level was 121. I wasn't sure how much the results were skewed by her convulsive vasovagal syncope episode. She was really freaked out about the tourniquet and passed out. When she passes out, she convulses upon awakening. She really freaked out the phlebotomist. About 10 minutes later, we did the actual blood draw (with her lying down on a table this time).


I borrowed a diabetic friend's backup glucose monitoring kit after he showed me how to use it and had my dd check her blood sugar first thing in the morning for 3 mornings. It was 109, 111, and 95.


At the doctor's office today, she did a hemoglobin A1C test which was 5.4.



One of the very last things my dd has before going to bed is a fruit smoothie, so that is probably what is elevating her blood sugar in the morning. The night before she had the 95 result she ate a chicken breast and a hamburger patty right after the smoothie because she was really hungry.

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She needs to watch her sugar intake. That A1C level is close to prediabetes, which is 5.7. Those fasting numbers are a bit high as well. Prediabetes is 100- 125, I believe. Since you see that protein brings it down I would have her not eat sugar, even natural sugar, at night. Change to peanut butter crackers, possibly, eliminating the fruit altogether. Or change to less sugary fruit such as berries.

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