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Help needed in financial crisis!!!


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Hi guys,


This forum is a blessing for all especially for the needy ones.....

Last month,I had encountered a bad financial crisis and looking for any reliable online homebased job,as have toddlers at home and can't step out of the house.

Though,I googled online homebased work and many links popped up but need reliable one so that

I couldn't become victim of scams.

If anyone on the forum can help in directing me the online homebased links,I would really appreciate it.

If you wouldn't mind,pm me at your convenience.

Waiting for prompt guidance.

Thanks and pray for me and my kids.

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I work for this company http://www.virtualofficeva.com/ and love it.
I would be interested in knowing more about this. Did you just fill out the online application? What exactly do you do? How many hours a week do you work...what do you get paid?? Anything else you can think of to tell about it.... :)


And, to the OP....I'm also looking for something to do from home and don't know what is a scam or not. I do Pinecone Research...it pays $3 a survey, but I only get a few surveys a month, I really wish it were more.


ETA: I'd prefer if anyone PMing the OP with info could also post it here, or PM me too!

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http://odesk.com is another one that you might find something. I work through there. Most jobs you download a little tracker that takes screenshots of your working so that they know you are and not on facebook or something. Hourly jobs you are guaranteed to get paid - if the client doesn't pay, odesk will. Fixed price you only go for the ones with high ratings. Lots of different things on there. I have one editing job and I have a data entry/editing job both.
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