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Some reflections on turning 30.

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Here are a few things I am starting to really know.


Don't care about impressing strangers. Don't waste your time, energy, and focus trying to figure out what other people think of you.


Do care about how you influence your family & friends. Spend your time and energy loving them.


Live in the moment. Don't waste it. Don't worry it away. Really be there, especially when you can spend it with people you love.


Babies grow into kids, kids grow up, people grow old, time does not stand still for anyone. Visit your grandma, play with your kids, kiss your husband. . .now. Because you might not have later.


Don't stress about little things. They will get done if they really need to be done, and stressing will just make you and everyone around you miserable. Save the misery.


Doing a little bit at a time, consistently, is often a better way to accomplish things than trying to do a lot at once.


The most beneficial things in life are often difficult and require true commitment. But they are so worth it.

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Especially the visit your grandma!


I know. My dear grandmother is 81 years old. She had lived in her own home until a few months ago, when she fell and broke her leg. She had to have surgery and is currently staying in a nursing home, hoping to be able to return home in a few months. My ds often says that he wishes Granny were still at home so we could go visit her there like we used to. Until 2 years ago, we lived in the same town as her. We would go visit her once a week. After we moved an hour away, it became more like once a month. We would go have lunch with her (usually mac & cheese because she knew the kids liked it), and then stay and visit. She kept toys for them to play with. She would let them watch a movie, like Toy Story or Babe. We would talk and visit. At Easter, we went down and spent the weekend with her and cooked Easter dinner at her house for our whole family. I treasure the memory of that weekend. It was shortly afterwards that she fell. I wanted to go visit her in the nursing home yesterday on my birthday, but I got tied up with an errand at Kinko's that turned horribly wrong. I'll have to go see her this weekend.

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