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Can we talk MOOCS and Open Courseware?

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Maybe even make it a master thread.


I am aware of Coursera, MIT Yale, Pod casts, and just discovered YoutubeU. (did I type the last one right?)


I know many of you use these sites for whole classes and to supplement. Can you just throw some lists at me, and, if you feel so inclined, reviews of what you have tried? My oldest will be entering 9th grade next year and I would like to have a well prepared plan.



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I enjoyed the Coursera Computer Science 101 Class, the Introduction to the Internet put me to sleep and I dropped it. I never found time to sit through the Python programming one- for me it is hard to commit the hours per week in order to keep up. I really like Udacity's Intro to Physics, but again, didn't give it the time it needed. For some of the classes once you've enrolled, whether you watch the classes on time or not you can go back and watch them later. So I might still try to do that with the programming one and the Udacity Physics. The Great Courses- I recommend that you read the syllabus if available and the reviews. I've enjoyed the one on great architecture but again, not able to give the others the time I'd like.


For an independent student, I think they would make a great supplement. The Udacity and Coursera courses often have in class exercises and/or quizzes and tests so there is some work required of the student. The Great Courses often have a companion teacher's book of some sort or you can purchase one separately. Coursera courses usually offer a certificate of completion.

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I did Courera's Computer Science and have looked at Udacity's version as well. I think DS would get benefit from doing both of them. He is currently just over halfway through Udacity's Intro to Physics and loving it. I like that this is self paced and there is plenty of info already on their forums if you get stuck on one of the challenge problems. I am almost finished with Coursera's Mythology and I have enjoyed the challenge of doing the assignments and participating in the peer grading for this one. For the History of the World since 1300 I ended up just watching the lectures as the assignments were a little too involved for me. Ds is now watching some of these lectures too. I love that you can try a class and just drop it if it doesn't suit you.

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What are your goals? The teaching company course are also excellent and can be purchased for much less than sticker price. Depending on your goals, they might be of help to you as well.


Well, my oldest will be entering high school next year. I would like to see what my options are. He would like a Math tutor, and some online classes. I definitely plan to invest in Teaching Company Videos, but I thought MOOCSS and Open Courseware would also be valuable tools to look at for both of us. He is especially interested in Anything History/government related.



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I'd add Udacity to the list.


I've only done classes for myself, although my 5 year old has loved the Python lectures. I've nearly completed the Rice Python class on Coursera, and that has required a fair commitment of time. I'm doing a few others where I'm mostly just viewing the lectures, and I could see those as a nice starting point.


One of the problems with discussing some of these classes is that they're offered at a set point in time. I know some of them are going to be offered again periodically, but right now I think it's going to be tough to make concrete plans for anything beyond the next couple months. The newness of the platform also makes it tough to judge what will be offered 3 or 4 years in the future.

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