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My dd asked if she could stay "home" from school today...

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Because she was too sick to "go to school".


:lol: :lol:




That's why we homeschool. So I can make you work, even when you're sick. Bwahahaha!

(I did let her skip about half her work, and I went easy on her in math, since her brain seemed a little fuzzy).


Does anyone else ever feel like an Evil Homeschooling Mommy?

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OH yes, even a sick teen can get a lot out of Great Course Lectures, documentaries, light writing, and such while laying on the couch with the sickies.


If they are really sick, and especially if they have a fever, I let them off. But, just generally not feeling well, having a cold, etc. by the middle school years they knew they'd still have some work to do. It's unfortunate, but it is hard to take time off from work or college as adults unless there is something very wrong. I do try to be decent about it though.


I think I'd make an excellent "headmaster"! :D



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Oh, I'm very much the Evil Homeschool Mommy.


DS didn't want to do school today. He's had 3 days of sneezing, runny nose, etc. from a VERY mild cold that hasn't slowed him down in the least and is clearly improving already.


I, on the other hand, have been down for over a week and a half with the same cold, which for some reason decided to get comfortable in my sinuses and my lungs. I just want to crawl in bed and sleep. I feel terrible, but life circumstances (and my precocious 3yo) require that I be up and doing things. If I can work, then so can he, dang it.


He's 3/4s of the way through his work for the day, and he finally stopped whining about an hour ago. :glare: I think I'm declaring tonight movie night, for my own sanity.

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Hah! Must be something in the air. Ds thought I was the meanest mom ever for making him do his work today--he's recovering from intestinal trouble and thought that meant a day of laying on the couch.


I figure if I can teach and parent with a fever of 101, as I did a few weeks ago, he can do his work and make frequent potty runs.


Evil Mommies Unite!


BTW--no other symptoms at all. Just so you all don't think I am too evil.

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