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How to stretch out the lessons in SWO B

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When we got part way into SWO B, I began spreading a lesson over a week. Basically, my dd (then 2nd grade) did the workbook pages one day (Tuesday), then over the next three days she practiced the words - I gave her a set of notecards with various choices for practicing her words (i.e. alphabetizing list, spelling pyramids, writing with toothpicks, etc) which basically all required writing out the words. Last day (Friday eve) I gave her a test. Any missed words she practiced on Monday by writing each word several times and putting it into a sentence. Monday eve she was retested. Any words still missed went onto her trouble list and were added to all additional tests until they were spelled right as many times as they had been missed.


Once we got to SWO D we began spreading the workbook pages over two days and doing additional practice on two days before testing.



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We did some things like Beth--I have a list of ways to practice spelling--things like, write in pudding or shaving cream, alphabetize them, use the slate (we have a Laura Ingalls-type slate dd likes to use occasionally), write with a different colored marker for each word, etc. Some are more busy work than others. I'm sure you could generate your own list.


Usually, we'd read the front page and do the first workpage in one day. The second day, we'd finish the other pages. Third day, practice. Somewhere in there, I'd give a pretest. If all were correct, we'd finish all the workpages we didn't get to (if any), and then move on the next week. Sometimes, we'd move on in two or three days. We finished SWO A and B in a year and a half. Now we are on C, and I can see us slowing down a little. Because we also use Adventures in Phonics, we have lots of reinforcement for the phonics-based spelling rules, so I don't feel we have to memorize all the SWO rules. But some do--and they add that into the week.


I'd say, if your child seems able, why not just keep going? I don't think you absolutely must stretch out each lesson.

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your kids need more practice on the words because they are not getting them or are they too short because it doesn't take them long enough to do the lesson. If it is the first, I would have the kid practice writing the words on a piece of paper. If it is the second, I wouldn't slow them down, I'd just do more lessons in a week.

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