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Apologia's online courses (General Science, 7th grade)

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We do!  My son is taking Physical Science as a 7th grader (he had more than covered everything Apologia General covers in Calvert 6th grade)...


We are VERY unhappy with the class.  The teaching is wholly uninspired.  The teacher, bless her heart, talks on endlessly  repeating the textbook for an hour and a half.  She will throw in about 2 pictures and a slide in that entire hour and a half that are not pretty much straight form the textbook.  She does not engage students.  I would say, per hour and a half class, she asks about maybe 4 questions.


The class is run with a syllabus with no reminders about quizzes, tests, labs or anything else.  The students are expected to perform at the level of a college student with regards to personal responsibility and understanding how to read a syllabus, study a book, and prepare for a test.  When contacted about this issue in the 8th grade course, I was informed that since the class has been running and passing students for many years, there cant be anything wrong with it. To me, that means nothing.  If that class has been passing students for five years, that tells me nothing of whether it is age appropriate or interesting.  It only tells me that other kids and parents were pushed through the factory and (probably with a lot of help from their parents) the kids made it through and passed. Now, I am sure my son is learning valuable lessons, but I do NOT feel it was worth my 500.00.  At. All.


Just so you know, this is not about grades. My son's average test scores are about 90% and his notes are impeccable, organized, and well written, as are his study skills (thanks to Calvert grade 6)....


I emailed Jay Wile on this issue and he recommended Red Wagon tutorials.  He pointed out that using an online class is usually unnecessary, since the books are written for homeschoolers, student friendly, easy to apply and come with everything included. BUT, he says, at least with Red Wagon, you will get a very INTERESTING instructor who will be anything but boring.






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Also, FYI this is also not about us not being used to Distance Learning or high standrads of institutionalized education via textbooks; as proven by my son's Bplus average through Calvert School last year, with very challenging and in depth tests every 20 lessons which requires many many essay questions, vocabulary memorization, making connections between disciplines and subjects, as well as teacher-student communication and very challenging material, especially in Science...


It really is about Apologia Online just...well..stinking.

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