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.....today is my 20wk u/s. I promised DH that since our last 2 were girl, boy, we wouldn't find out this time (I didn't find out with DD1 - DH wasn't around for this one, so he's never had the surprise, but did with DD2 and DS). Sure makes the u/s seem rather uneventful. I'm sure it will be great once I get to see baby and all, but I'm not giddy like I usually am.


And I'm tired.....just really, really tired. Maybe that's my problem.

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I'm a freak.


I've always predicted the genders of my babies, often YEARS before they were concieved.


W/my first, I said yrs before he was born that I'd have a boy.


After him, I said my next would be a girl.


Diva followed 6 yrs later. I said my next would be a boy. Tazzie came 7 yrs later. When pregnant w/him, I told Wolf my next would be a girl, and look more like him.


Princess is the only one (so far) w/Daddy's brown eyes.


After her, I said I think I'm done w/girls, only boys from now on.


Along came Boo 5 yrs later.


I'm saying this is a boy again.


I didn't have u/s w/my first 2 that showed the gender, but there wasn't a surprise, b/c I just knew. The u/s w/the last 3 just confirmed what I'd been saying.


All that to say, regardless of seeing bits, you'll be delighted seeing your baby today. And, personally, finding out gender isn't a make it or break it thing.


Being exhausted can take the shine off of anything. :grouphug:

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