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SPD - sensory seeking

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The book "Out of Sync Child" is a good place to start. It will help give you some ideas of how to proceed and how to start changing your child's environment to create a sensory diet. After reading it, I decided to go for an OT evaluation to get more tools and techniques like those in the book, but that may not be necessary depending on your situation.

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Ours absolutely did, but we live in a major metro area and the OT was specially trained in sensory integration - ie, that was all she did and she only worked with children at a dedicated children's facility. Our experience was life-changing but I hear that the quality of OTs varies dramatically.

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While it sounds loud to you, does it sound loud to him?

We mainly hear our voice through bone conduction.

Here's some simple activities, to explore hearing his own voice:



He also loves banging on everything, but I will check this out! Thanks:)

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