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Accurately Placing an advanced child in OPGTR

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I have a very bright 6yo son who started reading (simple words) just after he turned 3 and who now reads at probably a 3rd/4th grade level (maybe higher, I have no idea!). My concern is that other than using the Explode the Code series (minimally last year), he has never been "formally" taught phonics, rules, etc. How should I use the OPGTR (Ordinary Parent's Guide) with him?! I don't want to turn him off by having him do remedial work, but I do want to make sure we've "covered all the bases" so to speak. Any advice?!

Thanks so much,


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I wouldn't go back and do that. I would simply choose a solid spelling program and go from there... Of course, some kids who are natural readers also have an intuitive grasp of phonics and spelling -- so at *some* point you may decide he doesn't really need spelling either.


But I would not go back and subject him to a remedial phonics program just because he's a natural reader! Pick a spelling program and place him wherever you think he belongs (based on skill, not previous experience). It will cover all the phonics he *may* have missed.

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