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My ds had his hematology appointment today.

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This was the first appointment after my ds, 4, was hospitalized last week for a sudden severe headache. She said there is a chance that it was a sickle crisis in his skull bone and nothing involving his brain at all. She is scheduling a trancranial doppler - an ultrasound of the head that will assess the flow of blood through the arteries and veins supplying the brain. If it has changed since the one we did last year the next step will be a brain MRI. The brain MRI must be preceded by a blood transfusion, but the transcranial doppler is simpler because no sedation is needed. Hopefully it will be normal and will be all we need.


My ds will also be getting an abdominal ultrasound because she has some concern about his gallbladder. His tummy pain could be gallstones. If it is not and the tummy aches continue he will need a scope to look at his stomach and see if he has an ulcer or something else causing him pain.


He looks great today! He complained some of his head and his tummy hurting, but for the most part he had an excellent day. Hopefully we will have more answers soon, and they will be answers we all like!

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