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If you are interested in above grade level testing

Kathy G

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Don't mean to get political, but if you are interested in signing a petition to support the TALENT act to require state assessments to be capable of measuring above grade level proficiency- please see below. You do have to create an account to sign it. I live in a testing state and to me it is worthless to have my kids take grade level tests each year. Feel free to send this on to local groups- it still needs over 20.000 signatures to get it moving.




> "To Aid Gifted and High-Ability Learners by Empowering the Nation's

> Teachers Act or TALENT Act - Amends the Elementary and Secondary Education

> Act of 1965 to require state assessments of student proficiency to be

> vertically scaled and capable of measuring student proficiency above the

> grade level in which the student is enrolled.


> Academically gifted students currently receive no federal funding or

> recognition, and there is no federal leadership with regards to gifted

> education. State and local level support is inconsistent.


> The act is designed to ensure that all students make learning gains each

> year, that teachers receive training in gifted education, addresses the

> needs of under-served populations and promotes the development and

> dissemination of best practices in gifted education."

>> Here is the link to sign:

> http://wh.gov/X0JS


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