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Anyone have to school 7 days each week?

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Mondays are really, really bad for ds. Monday feeds into Tuesday and Wednesday, and sometimes by Thursday and Friday he does better. I'm starting to think ds needs to do school lite every single day instead of taking weekends off.


Right now we're only doing 2-3 math pages per day, 2 handwriting, phonics, and very little else.


Monday-Wednesday i could have him do a bit less than we are now, Thursday is therapy and they usually get the day off, but i could add in handwriting at OT, phonics at speech, and math at home. Fri, sat, sun would be the same as mon-wed. IF he does his work without fighting, he has the potential to be done by about 10am (start at 7).


Monday-Friday after sit down school could be limited to educational netflix, reading, etc., but sat and sun afternoons could be completely open.


Does this sound too crazy?

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We do school each day we're home. It seems to be necessary to keep DD's emotional equilibrium. Now, Saturday/Sunday are usually just a small amount of assigned work, but even 30 minutes makes a big difference. I took a break last week when my parents were visiting, and I regretted it very soon-but couldn't easily go back. Paradoxically, the only way we seem to be able to break entirely is to actually break-leave home. She can handle the schedule being different elsewhere, but not at home.

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We school 4-6 days a week. DS needs us to school as many days as possible each week or he starts forgetting, but he has a job, and there is extras that while they are counted as extras have made such a huge positive improvement in moods, abilities, social skills etc I can not reduce them. So some days we don't do school, or do very little, other days we do lots. FOr example, today is a virtual non-school day due to schedules (and up untiil this moment I forgot all about ds9's online class and he missed it). But they will do some work on sat and/or sun to make up for it. so it all balances at the end of the week. As for how they spend their time after school work befor bed or extra currics is up to them, I do not limit things based on day of the week, only based on if it is appropriate or not, if there is enough time for what they wanted to do, and if it is not negatively impacting themselves or others (like ds would like to spend 5 hours on saturdays playing video games but that would make him and then me insane, so that is limited)


If I found that ds needed to do school daily to keep him stable even with the schedule being what it is I would find a way to do even 30 minutes daily.

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