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I found this guideline for homeschoolers applying to University of Maryland:


If you’ve been home-schooled, you should provide with your completed application a transcript with the following: course descriptions, books used, methods of evaluation and grades received (credit contracts). You should meet the same minimum high school course requirements expected of all applicants; your SAT and/or ACT scores will be strongly considered in the review of your application.

Please also include general information about your home schooling program or agency and a letter of recommendation from an academic professional as well as the home schooling teacher/parent. If you’ve taken college-level courses, you should also include an official college transcript with your application.


So what is a credit contract? Is this just a guideline for how each course was graded?


(I also found it interesting that UofMD spelled it home-schooled. That made my first couple searches come up empty.)

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course descriptions, books used, methods of evaluation and grades received (credit contracts)


I recommend that you call them and ask them exactly what they are talking about.


I did write a course contract for English I last year because we were using some unconventional materials. It included the following:

course description

course objectives

course requirements

resource list


I did not include information on how grades were to be calculated, but did include what the minimum passing grade would be.

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