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So my oldest son is not mathy. It takes him longer to get it and his memorization of math facts is soooo slow. We are working on MUS alpha right now. I have grade one Horizons that we haven't used, but I'm not sure how it teaches. He completed Right Start A and it was slow going, but did help him. I'm not sure if we should switch back to RS, continue with MUS (I don't like how it is not covering time, money, graphs, measurements, etc.) Or what would you suggest?


My younger son is very mathy and is doing addition/ subtraction better than my older son in his head without any trouble. He is in the MUS primer right now. I am trying to figure out if we should find a better "mathy" program for him? Would he do well with Singapor after primer is finished?



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MUS is supposed to eventually cover the topics you listed. Alpha is focused on the basics of place value, addition, and subtraction...telling time is also included. To help with memorization of math facts, xtramath.org is awesome (and free). If your son is not mathy, I would recommend sticking with MUS, based on my own experience with a non-mathy child; this was the only program that explained math in a way that she could understand (she is 3rd grade and using Alpha).


For a mathy child I would recommend Singapore Primary Math...that is what I am using with my K'er. He already knows far more math than my 3rd grader, so to keep things going at his speed and to protect my 3rd grader's self-confidence, I started him on SM 1A.

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