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Can we discuss tablets for kids once more??? Need Help!

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Both of my kiddos 9 and 12 want a tablet for Christmas. The I-Pad is out due to cost. The girls do not want to have to share so we will be buying 2 and need to keep them under $200 a piece. So my biggest concern is internet safety. They mainly want them for e-readers, movies and games. However I want to be able to control what they are exposed to on the internet. Right now they have a laptop they share and we only let them use it in the schoolroom out in the open (I know there are too many temptations). I would like to have something I feel comfortable enough with to let them have them in their rooms. I see that Toys R Us has one aimed at kids. I was also looking at the Kindle fire but read reviews saying the parental controls are weak. I am open to any and all suggestions as i am just not a techy person and totally cluelees in this!

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We have a Kindle Fire with Amazon Prime. I have set a passcode for the video and for purchases, so they won't work unless the code is entered. If the viewer quits out of the movie or show and tries to watch something different the code must be entered again. Overall I think it works,

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