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How to catch a mouse?

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Ds does not want it to be killed.


We always have a mouse in the winter. We have never seen more than a single mouse. This year's guest is a little too social for me so i want it out! Lol. 2 previous winters we had a little mouse that was rarely seen. It only came out at night. Well, this little one has no problems running right around us!


If it is killed, ds cant know.


How do I get rid of this one?

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I've used sticky paper with success. Personally I would go ahead and drown the rotten thing when you catch it. I'd check when ds was not around and as long as nothing was caught, then make a big deal of having an inspection with him. Obviously, if something is caught, you'll need to deal with it quietly.


AND I have doubts about whether it is just one. You've just seen one, they all look alike.


My youngest is also tender-hearted and he once saw one that got trapped, he knew I was not tender-hearted. I had to hear a bit about how cute it was. Can't give you any advice on that front. I did once tell him, after he caught a black widow spider (fortunately in a net), that anything poisonous would die instantly in my presence if it was caught.

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If you use the sticky traps, please do drown it or kill it immediately. I have no problem killing mice (personally, I use the old-fashioned "snap" traps), but I don't believe in being inhumane. Sticky traps just mean the mouse slowly starves--not cool.


If you want to catch them live, here's something we did out in our barn for awhile that won't cost you anything: Take an empty paper towel tube and put a dab of peanut butter inside on one end. Place the tube on the edge of a counter (assuming the mice--and if you've seen one, you probably have several--frequent the countertops). Balance it so that part of it hangs over the edge. You may have to put something on either side of the tube to keep it from rolling. Then, simply place a tall trash can underneath the open end. Mouse goes through tube to get the peanut butter, gets to the end, and then its weight causes the whole thing falls into the trash can. Works like a charm.


I will caution, though, if you decide to trap and release, take the mouse FAR away. As in at least a couple miles or more. If you dump in your backyard or just down the street, they WILL come back. They're not stupid, and they're not about to give up a warm house and a free meal. They'll travel unlikely distances to come back.

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I should add, that you should try to figure out how they are getting in. In our case, the previous folks had remodeled and the electrical subcontractor had not put flanges on holes with the electrical conduit coming in. I have found all of those and stuffed them tightly with steel wool which has stopped them.


They were inside my kitchen island so my sticky traps were easy to check.

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I have four cats, a dog and four of those little electric thingies that are supposed to "deter" mice. Hah! None of them are effective.


What's an electrocution trap? Never heard of that one.


These. They are quick and efficient and the mouse doesn't suffer or become injured as they can in snap traps (or absolutely do on glue traps).


I try to balance household safety with humane disposal. Sigh.

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