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New to Classical and Homeschooling!

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:seeya: Hello all!

We are actually new to homeschooling. This is our first year. I have two little girls. We are loving it so far. I wasn't sure where to start in the beginning so I purchased some items, Abeka, Apologia, and Saxon. Well I got rid of it all except the Saxon (really like it) and kept the Abeka Language Arts just because of cost. I went to US History from America's Core Curriculum and a science program by Ryan Murphy. They are ok, but not giving me that WoW feeling!

I'm so glad I found information on classical education! I've actually just started the book and I'm really liking it! Although I do have LOTS of questions!

I was wandering what you use in addition to this, if anything? Most of what I'm seeing is history; what do people use for math, science? Language arts, reading, and latin is integrated in the history (right?).

Also, I have a 6th grader (12) and a 3rd grader (8 1/2); where is a good starting point? I saw in FAQ in 'older child' and 'multiple children' there are suggestions, but is there one thats better or preferred? Should I scrap the curriculum I have (which I don't even like except the Saxon), and start with this after Christmas and go through summer to catch up?


Thanks and sorry for all the questions!


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Hi! Welcome!


what you have sounds good, I'm not familiar with the History and I started out with all Abeka but moved to other things because using it with several grades at the same time was just too much for me. I am trying to use R.E.A.L. Science odyssey, which is a classical type Science program, but I'm not very organized so I am relying on Daily Science by Evan Moor to keep me moving. I am still using Abeka for health and curisve writing, I like their books. I think a good starting point is to choose the basic subjects like Math, Science, Language Arts and History and then refine from there- seeing how you best teach and how your kids learn. If you like Saxon, stick with it. If your History doesn't work out, The Story of the World series is one I keep going back to.

welcome to the Hive :D

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