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Omega 3/ Red Yeast/ Vitamin Help needed

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So the chiro recommended Omega 3 for all of us. The one she recs is $$$$. So thought I'd look at Vitacost.com. Prob is, I have no clue what I'm looking for. So, how would you advise someone who is just starting to be somewhat healthier. Meaning, I don't need the all organic, all natural $200 bottle of something.


So what would you recommend and why (meaning, I know nothing about this!!!)


I was thinking http://www.vitacost....-240-softgels-5 for hubby and I (can you give kids too much?)


And is Cod Liver Oil any good? It seems to be hight in DHA & EPA

Or like what about this fish oil: http://www.vitacost....omega-3-dha-epa


Recent tests came back for hubby w/ high Triglycerides and for me w/ Low HDL and high Cholesterol. Would this help? I've also been recommended Red Yeast Rice ... any recs there? Was going to also add that one in.


Hoping to order today to get some better deals!


Thanks all for providing your "non-medical" advice. :drool:

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This is what we use: http://www.vitacost.com/coromega-omega-3-squeeze-orange-120-packets


It's a nice orange flavor...a tiny bit sweet, but there's not much in the packet. Kids love it. I don't like pills, so this is a great solution for us! There's absolutely no fishy taste.


Cod liver oil is fishy tasting, no matter what flavor we've tried. Course my ds actually liked it, but he was the only one :)


Re: red rice yeast: my MIL takes it and it works well, but you have the same health concerns as the Lipitors, etc. with the liver, so I'd just do your research on that. Personally my dh brought down his cholesterol (which was not crazy high...about 215) to 145 with lots of fresh garlic and switching to almond milk or raw cow's milk. He had been using Stevia in his coffee (has gone off now due to it creating stomach issues) but supposedly that has proven to lower cholesterol as well.


Hope this helps some.

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