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New Orleans Advice

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I have come here and received great advice for places to go near Denver when dh was working there, so I thought I would now try to find the must do's in New Orleans.


I know the zoo is a must do from what others have told me, what else? Dd is 2 1/2, well behaved and up for most anything. I have kind of thought about a horse and carriage ride, and a swamp boat ride. We are going to be here through the spring so we have lots of time.


I would also like to take my mom, brother and dd on an excursion for a Christmas gift when they come out in January.


One other question are the mardi gras parades suitable for young kids and which ones should we try to get to?

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I remember my parents taking me to Lee Circle as a little kid for Mardi Gras parades, and the crowds were overwhelming and I never could see anything anyway. Much better, IMO, if a bit less flashy, are the suburban 'street parades' ... there are usually some on the West Bank (along DeGaulle ... these parades are my best memories as a kid), and in Metairie (on Veterans). In college, my friends and I did venture out to St. Charles near Carrolton, and that was easier than downtown, with some of the showier floats.


When my kids were little, my parents lived uptown (States and Claiborne), and one of their favorite things to do was to ride the streetcar downtown. There's also Story Land in City Park ... my dad talks about going there when HE was little.

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No to the parades unless you are in the suburbs and even those can get crazy...I've never seen so many people get testy over free plastic cups, cheap stuffed toys and beads. We rarely go to parades anymore. I enjoyed the swamp tour (Honey Island Swamp Tours is who we went with). Definitely get over to Cafe Dumonds. There are lots of historical things to see there. The Insectarium is fun, as is the Aquarium and Zoo. There is a lovely praline/Chocolate shop near the Insectarium.


Here is a great site to check out things to do in the area: http://www.neworleansonline.com/

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