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Was this a seizure?

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Hoping for some clarity while waiting on a call back from the doc. Can someone offer some ideas about what this might have been? DH thinks it was a seizure, and I have no idea. Also, any insight into how to handle it differently would be welcome.


I awoke in the night with an odd sensation - like intense heat radiating from my spine, at the top of my back. It slowly spread all along my spine, and it was very, very hot. Shortly after that, all of my limbs began to tingle intensely, and burn. At the same time, I began to smell something odd. Shortly after that I became nauseas. Honestly, I had no idea what was happening, but felt that it might be an allergic reaction to (somewhat) new medication I'm taking. Last night was only the second night I'd taken it right before bed, but I have taken it in the past in the mornings.


DH woke up (baby cried, I was trying not to wake him), and I told him what was happening. It was intensifying as we talked, and he went to get some Benadryl, thinking I might be getting hives. I went into the bathroom while he was gone, and looked in the mirror - aaack! I looked like a tomato. Every inch of my body was bright red and burning. Like a sunburn from the inside out.


DH arrived with the Benadryl right as I was heading to the floor, so he eased me onto the floor. I *thought* I was going to pass out, as I have a history of passing out (this would not be the first time DH dealt with me on the floor in the night!)... But rather than passing out, I sort of went in and out of consciousness, and was vaguely aware of DH talking to me, in and out. I couldn't take the Benadryl, obviously, and could feel my blood pressure dropping. I remember thinking it was anaphylaxis (!) and telling DH to call 911.


Apparently at that point I stiffened, went rigid, and my arms pulled in. DH thinks it was a seizure, as he's seen many of them (not me though). He got dressed, and I became able to speak a bit... somehow he got me downstairs so the paramedics wouldn't come up and wake the kids.


Once I was downstairs though, with my feet elevated, I felt better and better (that's relative, of course, I still felt crummy)... But we decided not to call 911. The whole thing lasted maybe an hour? I was completely out for only 10 - 20 seconds.


I have been waiting on a call back from the doc all day now. I have a vicious headache, the remnants of a cold, sick kids (same cold), and a night of not enough sleep.


I've looked up all my meds (I'm on many, due to chronic health issues) and really don't know what caused this. [sigh]


Anyone have insight? Does it sound like a seizure? Or something else?



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:grouphug: I've never known anyone to turn red like that w/ a seizure, but the arms stiffening and pulling in sound like a seizure. I wonder if you had a mix of things going on. Maybe a seizure caused by an allergic reaction? I hope you get some answers. I would definitely go in and see the doc.

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My son has epilepsy and has been completely conscious for most of his seizures. He has simple partial seizures which affect only one area or hemisphere of the brain. Your episode does not sound like what my son experiences but I have learned over the 10 years we have been dealing with this is that epilepsy is extremely complex and can manifest itself many different ways. Depending on the area of the brain will determine how it manifests itself.


Get it checked out. Seizures aren't something to play around about.


Elise in NC

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There are so many different types of seizures, and they can look like so many different things in different people, that there's just no way to know if this was a seizure or not. Most of mine are grand mals, where I basically pass out and stiffen up on the floor and twitch for ten minutes. I had one seizure in eighth grade where I thought I was a ballerina and tried to dance with the teacher. (Seriously. I really, really wish I was kidding.) I have simple partial seizures that feel like either extreme deja vu or jamais vu, then leave me with a headache and nausea.


You need to be seen immediately. The fact that you're on a new medication certainly means it's a possibility that it could be related, but really, it could be anything. Either way, you definitely need to go to a doctor asap.

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The standard mantra in medicine is that if it effects BOTH arms, e.g. bilateral, *you lose consciousness in a seizure*. If it is myoclonus, you can stay awake for the bilateral sensation.


Never seen the red bit before a seizure either. If you flushed that dramatically, you could have decreased the blood return to your heart so dramatically there was little for the heart to pump forward, causing syncope or near syncope and myoclonic activity with that. I jerk when I faint. I try to warn everyone before I pass out. When I come to, and everyone is looking panicked I promise all medical people around me it was just a faint and I recite a sonnet to prove I'm not post-ictal.

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The entire episode was probably not a seizure. It could be multiple seizures types (some conscious or semi-conscious and some unconscious) manifesting congruently but that's not very common. Its more likely that your body was in extreme distress and a small tonic-clonic/grand mal was part of how your body reacted to it. A seizure is a common reaction for a body in distress.


Because you're on many medications its important that they get you in ASAP to check your meds., check the levels of drug in your blood, do an EEG, CT scan, etc. When I say ASAP I mean this week for at least a conference with the doctor prescribing your medication and appointments for anything else they think you need.


I wish you well.

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