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Do I want a Kindle Fire?

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I have a birthday and then of course Christmas coming up. Dh says he will get the Kindle Fire for me if I want it. Problem is, I don't know if I want it or not and if I do get it, I'd like to order it today for the Cyber Monday discount.


Help me think this through...I have an iPhone, which I love (it is an iPhone 5 with a larger screen). I would love to have an iPad, but I just can't pay that right now. I also have a Kindle Touch, which I really don't use much, as I don't really like the e-ink thing. I also have had a difficult time using it because I am so used to my iPhone (I would try to scroll like on the iPhone, etc.).


I like the idea of having books available to me on the Kindle Fire. I would also use it frequently to watch Netflix and Hulu Plus (no TV in my bedroom and when dh is out of town, I often watch tv on my iPhone before going to sleep).


Part of me thinks that for $129 I should go ahead and buy it. The other part of me thinks that I really won't be happy with it because it isn't an iPad, which is what I truly want.


What stinks about it is that if I don't get the Kindle my dh will just get me something else for my birthday/Christmas. I won't be setting the money aside to save for an iPad for later (because I would like to have a gift to open). Who knows when I will be able to get an iPad???



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