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Craft Ideas for Kid Gifts?

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Each of my kids will be getting some type of crafty project for Christmas (along with a few other things). Here is what I have so far:



DD7 is getting a sewing kit that I am putting together that will include a kid sewing book, sewing necessities and fabric.


DD5 is getting one of those DIY Fort Kits that I have seen all over Pinterest, along with a couple of playsilks to add to it



I'm stuck on DS7 and DD13.


DD13 would probably love some type of paper craft. Decoupage? Quilling? I'm not sure, and I'm not completely stuck on the paper craft either. Last year she received rolls of Duck Tape and a craft book, which she has enjoyed - but this year I need something else. Can anyone recommend a good craft book for her? And some ideas for me on some type of "kit" to put together for her??


DS7 - I have no idea. I may just do a Fort Kit for him also. Or maybe some type of clay making kit. Any ideas for boys?



Please help! :-)

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I like the idea of fabric paint and t-shirts for DD13! I might go with that. I also think the knitting loom is a nice idea as long as she doesn't get bored with it too quickly. I can't knit, so I wouldn't be any help but I could probably find her a nice book to show her how.


The wood scraps might work for DS, but I'm not sure what he would do with the stuff. Maybe I can have him make outdoor things, birdhouses and such like that so it wouldn't clutter up the house?

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Michael's has several origami kits. They range from $6 mini kits that are different animals with pre-printed folds to larger, more expensive kits. You could also get a book on collage making and different scrapbook paper. What about just a scrapbook kit? A crafty 13 year old could have a lot of fun with that.


You could buy some FIMO clay or regular clay, some clay tools, and an instruction/idea book for your DS.

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How about wooden cars kit that he can build and paint or a paper plane folding book with paper.


For your dd13 how about friendship bracelet or jewelry making stuff. Tie dye would be fun too.

I don't know if she is too old for this, but my girls love the books called Tiny Treasure: Amazing Miniatures you Can Make and Tiny Treats by American Girl, along with the supplies it might be something she would enjoy. If she is not into dolls at all it would not be for her.

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There are a bunch of great gift ideas here:



On my browser it's showing ideas other than just the sewing kit like non-slip dishtowels (I'd love that!), hair clips made with buttons...


Here is another link with more ideas:


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