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Lost Tools of Writing/Logic Courses Question....


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Can I get some input on the below scheduling for my current 7th grader? I'm wanting to develop logic and thinking skills and translate that to writing/speaking, but don't want to duplicate my efforts. I think some of the argument programs are similar to Lost Tools of Writing, but I haven't gotten a hold of any of the programs to compare side-by-side. Is some of this redundant? Thanks for any input....I really appreciate it! Blessings, Gina





7th Write with the Best II

8th: Lost Tools of Writing I

9th: Lost Tools of Writing II

10th: Literary Lessons from The Lord of the Rings

11th: Epi Kardia Essay Styles for High School/Epi Kardia Research Paper for High Schoolers

12th: Epi Kardia: The Art of Public Speaking Course



7th: Fallacy Detective

8th: Thinking Toolbox

9th: The Art of Argument,

10th: The Argument Builder

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I can't help with the writing, but I'm familiar with the logic curricula. Decide if you're going to go with the Bluedorn books *or* CAP's books. Both would be redundant. Fallacy Detective and Art of Argument are both all about fallacies, for example.

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We prefer CAP's books, but I've only flipped through the Bluedorn books at a used book store. Judging by the descriptions for them on Amazon, it doesn't look like the Bluedorns got into formal logic? CAP's Discovery of Deduction covers that.


We originally went with CAP because we already knew we liked and trusted them. Their books meet the kids where they're at, and keep them interested. We've used all three of their Latin titles, dabbled in their Greek, and this year we started their Art of Poetry. They're a great company, and that "Ask the Magister" button on their website works well if you get stuck. ;)

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We're going through FD right now & will do Art of Argument next year. Reading posts from other people who have used them both told me it was ok to do them in that order as CAP goes deeper & it wouldn't be redundant. Not sure what we'll do after that. No help on the writing stuff. :driving:

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