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Best presents/toys for an active preschool boy to help me teach..


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What do you all recommend for an active little 4 y/o boy? I am trying to find some items in he can do himself so I can have some time with my girls for teaching.


Just curious for new ideas.




We have Legos, Imaginext, and some Playmobil. Lately he just loves these cute stuffed animal Angry Birds. Instead of playing the game on the ipad, he acts it out.

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That's great that he acts out the games! My boys do that too. They played Plants vs. Zombies at a friend's house (it's all the rage amongst 8 year old boys here), and for weeks they would act it out in the living room. Hilarious.


Like SilverMoon, I "do school" with my 3.5 year old first. Then he can play with his toys. He'll often have a brother playing with him, or I tell him to read library books quietly. Our school room and toy room are combined, divided by cube bookcases, so it's worked out well that way.


I'll be listening in to ideas though, as I have to think of something to give the kid for Christmas! He plays with all of his big brothers' stuff... little Legos, Star Wars action figures, etc.

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