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Jackie in NE

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Dd is really interested in Villanova. She has her heart set on their 5 year Master's program in the Classics. On paper, it looks like a great fit. We haven't visited since we live in WY, and that makes the trip very expensive. We agreed that we would visit those schools where she was accepted....

I searched this forum, and couldn't find any references to Villanova?

Has anyone gone there? Has anyone visited?

Thanks! Jackie

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Hey Jackie - my best friend and her husband went to Villanova. She loved her experience while getting her Bachelor and Master Degrees. Villanova is in a beautiful, affluent area called the Main Line - lots of boutiques and restaurants. It is close to Haverford and Bryn Mawr colleges and is a short train ride into center city. Philadelphia is a great, manageable town. Villanova has a great reputation regionally. Not sure what the reputation is like nationally. It is a preppy school. Some around here call it Vanilla-nova. A friend's son is currently a freshman there - he received a full football scholarship. He is enjoying it, but being African American from a solid middle class family, he is experiencing some culture shock.


All in all, if one lives around here and gets into Villanova, he/she has bragging rights. :)


Sorry, I can't answer questions about the Classics program or anything academic!


Best of luck in your crazy, yet exciting journey!

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Thanks so much. Your description really gives me a picture of Villanova that I didn't have before. "Vanillanova" :rofl: . Love it. Dd doesn't exactly do "preppy" after having been raised on ranches, but she is looking for a change, and I say "good for her". She has been to Philadelphia and loves it, so I guess that's a start.

Thanks again.

With warm regards, Jackie

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