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Scheduling Dave Ramsey TMM or FP

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I acquired the following books used thinking it was a course we could use in our family which includes two teenagers. I had heard the differences between the adult and teen version was not much so I was not worried. I am working on scheduling it to start in January- my dd is a senior so we will finish in June. After looking over my materials and visiting the website perhaps I do not have what I thought I needed. On the other hand maybe someone can chime in that what we have covers about the same.


I have;


Total Money Makeover

Total Money Makeover workbook

Financial Peace Revisited

How to Have More Than Enough



Cash Flow Planning

Dumping Debt


I thought the scheduling of all this would have been fairly easy, but I am lost- anyone know the best way to do it?


I appreciate any advice- these next few months are some of my last chances to instill good spending habits in my daughter :)Kathy

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