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Testing in PA

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Ds has to have some standardized testing done next school year. I checked Pauline's site, but still have no clue what i should look into.


I hope to be nearing the end of MM2 by the end of next year. For reading we're using elizabethb's phonics lessons and should finish up around January. He's also using HWT cursive, and American Sign Language.


I basically took a break from everything while we work on much needed skills like compliance and butt wiping 101.


Anyone have ideas of what i should be looking into?


I dont think my district will make too b

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Dont see where to edit...


I dont think my district will make too big a deal out of his scores, but there are so few homeschoolers (34 legal in the district) that its likely there is more time to really scrutinize everything.


On the other hand, my teeny tiny year end portfolio that was filled with mostly pictures was loved by my district.

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Well, I had a couple of hsing friends who got evaluations at CHOP. I think they were satisfied with the actual testing but there was someone there, who did not do the testing but oversaw things, who was very critical of homeschooling. It seemed very annoying. What was so ironic is that one of the kids was preschool age and actually in a public school early intervention program, but his older siblings were homeschooled and high achievers like the parents. The person there tried to connect the dc's problem with homeschooling. In the other case, a friend told me that she was told her dc fit all the criteria for ADHD but they would not give a diagnosis because they did not have a teacher's report. Also, this dc had gone to a school but because it was not a traditional school, the teacher's comments didn't count. Both of these families paid a lot of money out of pocket for these evals. I wouldn't go there unless you felt comfortable dealing with that kind of thing and could let it roll off your back.


Having read your recent posts, I think there could be somewhere better for you. Right now you need to find people who will really support you and see things for what they are and not try to blame you for damaging your ds by hsing him.

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