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Why would someone collect old tube TVs, PCs, cell phones, etc. on Freecycle?

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I Freecycled an old tube TV today, and afterward the guy emailed me and asked that I call him or refer people to him if they had old electronics to get rid of. Why would someone do that? Is there money in recycling the parts? I know some companies do that, but do individuals?


I'm so curious! I don't mind if that's what he was doing with them, since it saves me from having to coordinate getting to the monthly recycling day myself, and hopefully it's helping someone feed their family, but I'm wondering if there's any downside to giving these things to individuals rather than recycling corporations.



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I would say that it is probably better to give such items to an individual than to a recycling company. An individual will be more likely to separate the usable components safely. Electronics given to recycling companies could end up in China being broken down in a city where it is often done very unsafely. I do not have a link handy but I remember seeing a show about the city where alot of that sort of recycling takes place and virtually all the children had very high levels of lead and other toxins.


edited to correct typo.

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