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If you have taken Prometrium during pregnancy, a question

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I started spotting at six and a half weeks. Doc had my progesterone tested and it was low, so she started me that day on 200mg of Prometrium and told me to stay in bed. The next day I started bleeding heavily and cramping which continued for a couple of days, Now the bleeding has drastically slowed. I have not had any clotting, but my pg symptoms (which have been very mild with all of my dc) are gone.


My family has come to terms with the fact that this baby is not to be, but I am still taking the Prometrium until I talk to the doc on Mon. I REALLY have accepted this and want my body to get back to normal, but others keep telling me stories about people that bled a lot and went on to have healthy babies. I kind of wish they would stop because it makes me want to hope when I just don't "feel" pg anymore.


So, shouldn't Prometrium give me pg symptoms? That makes me think that if the little that I had disappeared, then there really is no chance of this baby making it.


What were your experiences?

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I took it because of a string of early miscarriages. But I started before I even knew I was pregnant with my boys. I am pretty certain the progesterone can make your body think it is still pregnant when it isn't. I know they told me if I wasn't pregnant I would need to go off of it to start my cycle. Generally I would not go by symptoms or lack of symptoms. That heavy bleeding is a bad sign of course but not 100% sure loss. The medication could have stopped the bleeding without stopping the miscarriage I think but I agree that you should continue it until you see the doctor on Monday. If you have low progesterone you would need to continue it throughout the first trimester of pregnancy. So I would wait and see. I'm so sorry you're facing this.

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