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Gift ideas for 9-10 year old girls?

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For the first time ever I'm stumped about what to get my almost 10 year old girl.


Also, it seems there are quite a few gift idea threads. Wouldn't it be a great idea if we put all the links to these threads in one sticky thread? Of course I know that would require a mod's help, but then there would probably be fewer threads if they were viewable in one spot.

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I have one of those sweet 9 year old girls, who will be 10 New Years Eve.


She is very crafty, and although still very "little girl", she is starting to bloom, and for the first time is enjoying clothing that makes her feel pretty.


On her list this year:


Embroidery floss and embroidery transfers

Knitting needles and yarn

Sticker books

Beads for Jewelry making

New PJs and slippers

A Pocket knife

Ravensburger Puzzle

This "Lego Friends" set http://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Friends-3184-Adventure-Camper/dp/B007Q0O9UY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353797407&sr=8-1&keywords=lego+camper


Have fun shopping!

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This year my 10 yo wants several outfits from American Girl for her doll.


She also wants a sewing machine.


She has liked those craft kits (friendship bracelet makers, etc)


A movie? Brave is one she is wanting right now.


They have little caboodle holder things with lots of fun hair things at Wal-Mart for like $8.


I got her some jewel-colored skinny jeans. She loves cute clothes.

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I don't know. My ideas thus far:


*microphone/karaoke to go with her iPod touch. Rounded out with disco ball/strobe light, CDs, iTunes gift cert, and One Direction poster.

*Fun toiletries - hair mascara, glitter body spray, lotions, lip stuff, , hairdryer, curling iron, etc.


We are getting each kid one WOW present, and I have everyone figured out except my 10yo.


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I had 1400 photos printed to go along with scrapbooking supplies for one of DD's gifts.


Other ideas:


New Otterbox for her Ipod.

Speakers for her Ipod - not a dock, because those don't work with the Otterbox on them.


Craft supplies.

Calvin & Hobbes and Garfield books.

A set of books. - Not sure which one to get yet, though! I think I'm getting DS the How to Train Your Dragon boxed set.


And every year, I get her the new Ripley's Believe it or Not and Guiness World Record books.

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My 10yo dd took a polymer clay class at co-op and loved it, so she is getting everything she could possibly need to do clay along with a ton of clay. She is also getting a curling iron, movie theater gift card, sterling silver earrings, tickets to a womens college basketball game, a cross body bag that I am going to make for her and maybe a cd or movie.

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DD is getting three Lego friends sets (the dog show, the pet patrol quad, and a bakery stand), a Nerf crossbow (her older brother has one, her younger brother is getting one so this is to be able to play with them), a baby vampire doll, Monster High Drop Dead Diary (and, possibly, books 3 and 4), and something from Santa (she really hasn't asked for anything yet). I may get her a cute pair of shoes, as well. She is very into shoes.


Her stocking will have Maybelline Baby Lips, a Van Gogh mug that has a disappearing ear, a Van Gogh finger puppet (very into VG after seeing him on Dr. Who), a scented pen, toothbrush, candy and gum (finally has her palate expander out!), probably an Amazon GC to use for more apps or music or books on her Kindle. Also, some crafty things like thread for bracelet making, Sculpey, and paint/brushes.

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