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History through videos/documentary series?


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I know that there is a page that lists various movies/documentaries that coincide with SOTW. I'm wondering if there is ONE set that will accomplish this...my dd is SUCH a visual learner and loves watching movies. I know if I had a DVD set that went chronologically through history, she would get so much out of it. I am currently just looking up documentaries on Netflix, but since most aren't made for children, it's hit or miss whether or not they will hold her attention. She's 7.5. I'd love to buy one set that would take us from ancient Egypt until modern day...is there such a thing? Or even a website that has videos that go in chronological order, that are geared to kids?

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Ancient Civilizations for Children is an excellent series.

I found it here http://www.socialstudies.com/c/product.html?nocache@479+s@zUosQQ0NWeyf2+record@TF28515

but check around, they might be available at your library, they are at mine. You could supplement these with Horrible Histories (available on You Tube) if she likes that sort of thing.

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