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What are you giving your 7-ish year old DD for Christmas?

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This is a big Christmas gift year for us because I am working this year, so I can do some more things than usual. We are giving a trampoline and season tickets to an amusement park/water park as gifts for our whole family. These are things that will get used all year long and improve life for us. I try to give gifts like that, with maybe one special toy each year.


Specifically for her my 8 yr old is getting a new bike and a La La Loopsy doll. Her current bike is too small, so she has been sharing her sister's. I wasn't going to do any "toys" this year, since we are doing so much otherwise. But her sweet little girl face dreaming of a silly La La Loopsy doll from Santa did it in for me. It won't be too long before she is too big for wanting dolls for Christmas. :) so I bought one.

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My 7ish is getting clothes and accessories for her American girl doll along with a wardrobe and sleeping bag for her doll. she also wants some things for her baby doll, a diaper bag and a feeding set and a scooter, helmet, pink tutu,and floppy hat that are on her list.

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For Christmas we are getting her a Dream Light (those hideous Pillow Pet night lights), a fairy sleeping bag, and stocking stuffers.


She will also receive two gifts to share with her sister: a snow cone maker and a pretend veterinary kit.


We are able to easily limit the number of gifts because we begin our academic year in January, and that month is a gift bonanza (I store most of the items until we have a use for them).

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