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Wanting To Go Paleo

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Ideally I want to do this as cheap as possible. I figure I can get books from the library, but I'll need some meal plans as well. Until I get the hang of things I'd like a plan I can follow for all the meals. I've found a few online but I wanted to get the wonderful Hive input ;)




PS I'm not a fancy, suzie-homemaker kinda gal. Quick and easy is my style (think jeans and t-shirt and flip flops style).

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I don't eat paleo, but I try to get close. It's not as hard as it seems. I found it best to work in increments.


Start by dropping grains. Breakfast- eggs, and a variety of veggies. Dinner- think meat, salad, cooked veggie. Lunch- leftovers and salads. Have nuts on hand, they really help with the carb hump. I don't kill myself over the oils. If you can get your hands on NON-VIRGIN coconut oil in addition to olive oil, you'll be alright. Look at what you're cooking right now and see how you can paleo-fy it. Can you drop the pasta portion? Can you omit the bread crumbs, cheese, ect?


After you get over the grain-free hump, tackle other sugars. There will probably be very few. Sugar and grains (and processed non-food) seem to go hand in hand.


After the sugars, take out dairy. I never did this step completely. I greatly reduced my dairy intake, but I still have cottage cheese, sour cream and yogurt.


After dairy, take out beans/peanuts/legumes. This is where I am truly not paleo. I never could buy into the necessity of dropping beans and legumes.


After beans, look at your oils. I'm pretty good about this. Butter, coconut, and olive oils, that's about it.


Where the cookbooks and websites really help is with variety. I go hunting for something new every few weeks, which keeps things fresh. Pinterest is also a good place for new recipes. Paleo is getting pretty trendy, which is great for blog hunting.


I started this in Feb. I was 100% grain free till May, then about 75% since then. I've lost 25 pounds (even at 75% I still keep losing) and feel really great when I'm totally off of grains. I am going back off of grains starting today and going at least till Christmas. I need to get back on track energy level wise.


Good luck!

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Thanks! My odd has so many allergies/intolerances, and I suspect dh does too. Ydd has attention issues, and I have weight to lose. I figured I'd start out slow and work our way up to being paleo.


I've gotten mixed info on coconut ... odd has a peanut allergy. She's afraid to try other nuts, so IDK if she's allergic to tree nuts. Pediatrician always advised us against them and to follow her lead. I know that coconut is technically not a nut, but a PA mom I know said to stay away from coconut. I've let odd drink coconut water and the last time she did she said her throat was itchy. IDK...


Thanks for letting me ramble.

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