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Any Galaxy S3 Users? and android app recommendations?

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DH just ordered me my first "smart phone" and I am so excited. He chose the Galaxy SIIIs for both of us. My last "smartish" phone was my blackberry two years ago, but I never had a data package so I never did more than SMS texting.....



What apps do you recommend and what makes it so grand?!

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DS21 just got one. He has had the S2 for several years and was ready to upgrade.


The first app we download here is one called Onavo that shows how much data each app is using. There may be others like this one, but if you aren't on an unlimited data plan, it's much cheaper to track what you use than pay overage charges.


Angry Birds Star Wars is also a must have, apparently.


They were playing last night with the face recognition software. DS21 used a very silly face to lock his phone, so it was cracking everyone up. He thinks its cool that the front camera watches your eyes and keep the phone turned on as long as you are looking at it (I thought that was creepy, myself).


Facebook, email, texting, all that stuff is super easy. DS21 also uses his as a mobile hotspot and that works AMAZING for his laptop.

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I just got one and I have no clue how to use it. I tried to take a picture with it this morning and ended up taking 50+ pictures of a chair and a movie. DH laughed at me and it just reinforced his theory that if you leave me alone for 10 minutes with something electronic, I will find a way to break it. So far he's gotten me hooked up to facebook, my email, gps, the weather, angry birds, pandora, and all of my photos automatically upload to my picture hosting site as soon as my phone goes into WiFi when I am at home. Oh and I have to do a pattern with dots to get my phone to turn on for security purposes.


Can you tell I know a LOT about my new phone? :laugh: I'm rather afraid to use it because I don't want to screw it up.

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Before you do anything else, get a new keyboard app... the Samsung keyboard's predictive text capabilities are the worst I've ever seen. If you're with Sprint, the new Jelly Bean keyboard is good. Swiftkey is amazing, but doesn't play well with Chrome if that's your browser of choice (Dolphin HD is still a better browser).


Apps I use every day:

Doggcatcher (podcast player)



Touch Calendar (interface for Google Calendar)

Handcent SMS

Our Groceries

Real Calc pro

Google Talk

Google Voice

Dolphin HD

Aldiko Premium (reader)

Astrid Tasks

Dictionary.com/Oxford Dictionary of English


Headset Button Controller


Nova Launcher Prime (in place of TouchWiz)


Password Safe (there are better apps out there for this)

Guardian Anywhere


Google Reader


Apps I use often:

Google Maps/Nav/Places

Google Sky Map

Portland Transit Tracker

Google Earth

Google Drive

My Tracks

PDX Reporter (report potholes, etc.)

Wolfram Alpha

Banking apps/Paypal

Cloud Print



OfficeSuite Pro


Smart Tools

Perfectly Clear (photo editor)

Google Field Trip

Evernote/Food/Hello (I'm sooooo bad with names, I've outsourced them to my phone)

Astro File Manager


Apps/widgets I don't exactly use, they're always there like a watch is there:

Beautiful Widgets (clock and weather)

Moon Phase Pro (my living wallpaper)


Oh, and while I like the headset that comes with the GS3, I went through 2 pair before giving up. They just don't last. These are solid, fantastic, and the cheapest phones I could find that have a mic and 3-button functionality:




The price fluctuates on Amazon, and they're even cheaper on eBay.

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The kids play games, not me so much. But I can recommend some games as well if you like.


I'm waiting for my Ingress invite to come through. The girls and I are planning on playing as a family team, kinda.

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I have the original Galaxy, can't wait to upgrade!

I love Poweramp for music and audiobooks, really appreciate the sleep timer feature.

Linda File Manager








World of Goo


Plants Vs. Zombies


I root mine to get rid of stuff I don't want too

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Here's some I like:


Dropbox (I have it set up to automatically upload the photos I take with my phone to the Dropbox on my computer)

Instagram (post photos, see friend's photos)



Battery Solo Widget (easily see how much battery is left)

Dunkin Donuts (you can pay with your phone, use coupons)

Starbucks (you can pay with your phone)

Folder Organizer

Handcent (cool texting app)

Lookout (virus protection)

Magnifier (great for reading tiny text)


Offline Dictionary

Zedge (free backgrounds, ringtones, notifications)

Endomondo (info/tracking for your run, walk, bycling, etc.)

Barcode scanner (scan barcodes using the camera to get more info about the item)

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