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Best book on emotional eating?

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Hi all,


Well, the holidays are are upon us. That means I'll be overeating even more than usual. This is not good as I'd really like to lose 30 pounds. I've figured out my problem and it is that I eat for all the wrong reasons. I know that I have seen mentioned in various places on the internet books about dealing with eating from stress. Anyone here have a good one to recommend?



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Thanks so much for your suggestions. I downloaded samples from each on my kindle. They looked good, but another book that came up on the list of other "books bought by people who read". . . was 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food. I downloaded a sample of that and for some reason it appealed to me the most. I think because I really didn't want to read about other people's binge eating so much as practical solutions to my own overeating. And this book gets straight to the solutions part of it (though it does have those anecdotal stories too). It is a little bit new agey (or maybe not!) because one of the things they talk about is mindfulness which in my Christian (Catholic) terminology would translate 'intentional.'


I've really just begun the book, but so far so good!


Thanks again!

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